Jialing JH600B-A

JH600B-A Detail

JH600B-A is based on the research and development in the JH600, has become China's first military motorcycle, and exports to Africa and other overseas markets.

Jialing JH600B-A three-wheeled motorcycle with excellent performance characteristics, advanced technology and long-standing recognition of the military, received all ages of the Public Security Bureau and the Armed Police.

In recent years, jialing JH600B-A three-wheeled motorcycle has successively escorted for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing ground security and qinghai international cycling competition. The end of November, A reserve in Beijing firstly equipped 58 military motorcycles and equipment, in which there are 50 motorcycles is JH600B-A, these will be devoted to dealing with terrorist attacks, illegal gathering, mining and other emergencies. JH600B-A can carry 3 people, maximum speed of 110 km per hour and mileage of 220km, small form factor, the soldiers said it is very flexible after the test drive. Early April, the first batch Jialing JH600 three-wheeled motorcycle equipped armed forces in Suzhou, and became one special vehicle of the World Expo security,which not only demonstrates the national industrial and technological strength, but also reflects the Jialing "protecting national army newspaper," the purpose.

ManufacturerChina Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd. (Group)
Province (Region)Chongqing Municipality
Listing Year2011
Guide Price47800 RMB (Green)
49800 RMB (Black, Yellow and White)
Engine model194MS-3
Engine displacement590 cc
Engine compression ratio9.7:1
Engine power26.0 kW, 36 hp @ 6000 rpm
Engine torque46 N.m @ 4500rpm
Engine manufacturerChina Jialing Industry Co., Ltd. (Group)
Number of cylinders1
Cooling systemWater-cooled
Oil drivewayElectric injection
Start wayElectric
Maxium Speed110 km / h
Official fuel consumption5 L / 100 km
Drive Train
Final DriveChain
Transmission4 Forward / 1 Revert
Brake System
Front brakeHydraulic disc
Rear brakeHydraulic disc
Side brakeHydraulic disc(CBS)
Passenger capacity (including driver)3
Overall length2280 mm (7'6")
Overall width1580 mm (5'3")
Overall height1325 mm (4'5")
Seat Height780 mm
Minimium Gound Clearance200 mm
Curb weight363 kg (800 lbs)
Gross vehicle weight rating683 kg (1,506 lbs)
Engine Oil2.3 L
Fuel Tank Capacity19 L
Battery12 V 9 Ah
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles2
Wheelbase1540 mm (5'1")
Rear track1080 mm (3'7")
Tyres and Wheels
Type of tyresSpoked wheel with tube
Number of tyres3
Spire Tyre1 on the back of the body
Front tyres dimension4.10-18
Rear tyres dimension4.10-18
Side tyres dimension4.10-18
Jialing JH600B-A is the first sidecar model of China in the 21st century, as many western people know the classic "Changjiang 750" sidecar was produced since 1962 and had ceased production in 2009, so at one time the JH600B-A was the only domestic sidecar which can be legally registered in China (From 2011 to 2014). This sidecar was first equiped to the Chinese Army at 2007 and then push out to the civilian market, as a military vehicle, it should be "extremely reliable", however, after some years riding this model, I can't say it is qualified for the army.
  • The appearance is large enough for a sidecar, the dimension and design of it can be described as a "sidecar can take you everywhere", not just a urban transportation. Even some people do not like the shape of the bike and body which is usually called as "Big Rooster" amang Chinese riders, the overall design of the sidecar is eligible.
  • The off-road capability is desirable, although there is no side-wheel driving on it,  the off road 19-inch tyres and the high ground clearance help a lot, I've trapped in sand and grave for serval times, with the reverse gear and rope pulled by companions, it's not so hard to get rid of the soft ground. In consideration of the price of this sidecar is only 1/3 of Ural two-wheel drive models, it's a cost-effective off-road sidecar.
  • The brake system is appropriate, it's not so strong but can stop the sidecar properly without any drift. A strong breaking system may not be a wise choice for sidecar due to possibility of turn over. Except for the ice surface, the brake system is under control.
  • The engine is a little week for a sidecar in this size, although the maxium speed is 110km per hour, it's very hard to run over 100km because of the roar of the engine and the vibration from the bike, sometimes make you think your sidecar is going to break down.
  • Quality is not eligible for military use, I'm in rider group of JH600B-A, it falls everywhere except the engine and gearbox, you cannot even tell a typical issue. As far as I know, the start switch, dash board, clutch disc, reverse and clutch cable, chain and lots of other parts can break down. However the good news is that the engine and gear box is much more reliable than the other parts, you may not have to discard it in wild place. If you are worried about the quality, there's a maintaince and repair package in Chinese E-commerce Taobao, it contains every parts which is on the cards that it's broken down, it's only for about 2000 RMB, not so expensive.

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